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Four Interesting Things You Should Know Today!

This writer wishes to share some of interesting things which he came across in his readings and would like to share to you. These things are a hodgepodge, a mixture of ideas from different point of interest. You may have already read these things at some point of time, or it may be your first time to hear of them. So, you just sit, relax and read on my shoulder.

  • There are ideas which are discovered in a sudden flash of a moment. Newton is said to have discovered the laws of gravitation when an apple fell on his head while he was taking rest under an apple tree. Archimedes discovered the principle of displacement while taking a bath in a tub; he went out naked because of extreme excitement shouting eureka! Penicillin is suddenly discovered by Fleming without any expectation of it.
  • Columbus is thought to have discovered India when in truth he discovered America. It is historically regarded that it was Columbus who first noted that Indians used opium. The great poet and explorer Sir Walter Raleigh is said to have introduced potato in Ireland.
  • Shakespeare was born April 13 and died April 13. Whether this is true is still doubtful. Two greatest poets of all time considered a lady a great inspiration to their works: Dante Alighieri who considers Beatrice as a platonic inspiration for Divine Comedy; and Petrarch who regarded Laura as the most influential person to his Decameron.


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